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Mod Post: Members Only

THANK YOU to all who replied to the Roll Call list, I appreciate it tons and ♥ you guys mucho!

And for anyone else who may be watching but not a member, for a while now, ALL fics have been protected. That's just how I roll now.

So if you ever want to read what's here, gotta become a member.


Sep. 8th, 2009 09:30 pm (UTC)
Awe, it would've been so welcome, lol.

I used to leave the lighter rated stuff open HOPING to attract new readers/people I didn't know. And on the rare occasion someone I didn't have on my FList would comment, omg, it was like XMas :P But those people don't come around anymore, boo :\

But I'm glad you're a member here and seem to be enjoying my offerings. Thanks to problems I'm having I have been forced to take this step, which sucks, but it doesn't seem like anyone new is stumbling onto this place anyways so it's not that big a loss. And I always have the option of making a story public if I do want to pimp it elsewhere, but that only ever happened with my Supernatural stories and I haven't written one of those in forever :P

I'm grateful for the few members I have, you included, so thank you again for being a reader and active feedbacker. It's very very appreciated!