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Fic feedback meme

Feed my ego and tell me what you think of my fic, whether you've read one or a few.

Catch is, it has to be positive, ha ha!

Responding to some feedback

Got this anonymous comment on "Just My Luck" today:

The line of his nose was so straight

Actually if you look at Orlando's nose it is anything but straight. It was broken when he was younger and curves to the side.

Also, just because you are writting slash doesn't mean you have to turn one of the guys into an idiot fangirl. Mary Sue's should be saved for het fics.

My thoughtsCollapse )

I very much appreciate this comment as it was/is constructive and lets me know I need to be a bit more detail oriented (though in my defense, this was written 2 years ago, and now I'm insanely obsessed with details to the point I'm a fic snob if stories get even the stupidest details wrong about the characters/people I'm a fan of), and if I venture into the slash world again (can't see that happening), I really really need to do some kind of workshop or get some schooling from some proper slash writers re: the relationship between men and how NOT to turn one into a girl.

Thank you to whoever left this, but please don't be afraid to do so as yourself next time. My bad experiences with ANONYMICE from my Orlando days makes me cringe automatically anytime I see an anonymous comment, so I'm pre-disposed to being offended & defensive right away. However, this was helpful and constructive and (hopefully) not meant to offend, so again, thanks.


Poll #1045538 Feedback

Do you leave feedback, in general, to fic that you read?

It depends
Only if I really like the story

Do you leave feedback to stories you read here?

It depends
Only if I really like the story

If you don't feedback to stories here, why not?

Is there anything I can do to encourage you to leave feedback?

Where is this all coming from?

Ok, so I was taking at look at my UI page today and I noticed that I have about 20 members and/or watchers of my fic journal. While that is QUITE cool and I'm very grateful, I realized that when it comes to feedback and comments on my stories, I only really hear from the same 4 or 5 people.

What that means to ME is that there are folks who have me on their Friends List, see an entry from me, and just scroll right past it :[ THAT kinda sucks ... a lot ... and makes me wonder why a person would have me friended at all.

Of course, another option is that people see an entry, read the story, and then just leave without saying anything.

And yet ANOTHER option could be that people are watching & waiting for me to write in a certain fandom, and just don't have anything to say to stories that aren't in that fandom. If you go through this journal, it is EASY to see that I write in "fandom phases," so this is a reason that seems kinda logical to me.

Or maybe there are even more reasons than the ones I've provided/that have occurred to me, I dunno. Hence, this poll and ASKING FOR YOUR REASONS!

If you've NEVER left me feedback, if you leave me feedback all the time, if you've been here since the beginning or if you're a n00b (though we don't have any of those cause I ask folks to e-mail me before they join and I haven't had one of those since 2006) ... I would really like and appreciate you participating here.

And please, don't be afraid to remove me from your FList. While it DOES make me sad to lose any readers or watchers, if my writing is just not your taste anymore, it makes sense that I don't be taking up room on your FList.

But also, being perfectly honest, if you aren't going to feedback, you should probably take me off of your list as well because I would really like readers who are not only going to leave me comments to let me know I AM writing for at least ONE person ... but also folks who are going to call me on my mistakes, problems and help me IMPROVE AS A WRITER. Much to my surprise, I went back to some fics I wrote 2 to 3 years ago this week, and I see improvement in my writing. But I don't ever want to STOP getting better or get myself into a rut. The only way to avoid that is to have people who are willing to take the time to READ, LEAVE COMMENTS, and BE HONEST with me :]

So again, PLEASE PARTICIPATE IN THIS POLL! And if you have any additional comments you wanna leave, go ahead and leave them here in this post :] I'll screen comments so you don't have to be embarassed.



schmooie730 & jeanamarie who not only leave REALLY detailed feedback, but who also READ OUTSIDE THEIR FANDOMS!

I am a firm believer that you don't have to be a member of a fandom to critique a fic. Sure, you might not be familiar with people or characters, but you can comment on the tone and the writing and how a story makes you feel. All of that helps JUST as much as comments directly about the characters involved.

ooseablossomoo also reads outside her fandoms for me and leaves comments even though she thinks she "sucks at the feedback thing."

To EVERYONE ELSE WHO HAS EVER LEFT ME FEEDBACK ... THANK YOU and GOD BLESS YOU, and I hope I find a way to get you guys commenting again :] And to those of you who feel you have to leave me today, whether I heard from you or not, I hope you got at least SOME enjoyment out of your stay here.


Happy Thanksgiving!

Before anything ...


I KNOW we have more Benji fans than just Tezzie, and since Steph is a "n00b" when it comes to ficcing him, so anything you have to say would be helpful for her! And thanks from me too. We authors really appreciate the feedback.

And since today is Thanksgiving here in the States, I thought I'd take this opportunity to say that I am GRATEFUL FOR YOU. Thank you for reading, thank you for feedbacking, and thank you for trying to encourage my writing. I appreciate it more than words can say.

Announcement #1 - cuts

Hey all! Just wanted to let y'all know that sometime this weekend, I'll be going through the very short Member List and cutting anyone I've never heard from/haven't heard from in recent memory. I'm sorry if it seems I'm making feedback a requirement, but ultimately, I want people reading who are going to help me better myself as a writer and ... well, feedback is how to do it.

Plus, if you're here, you know me. And if you know me, I'm paranoid. I have it in my head that those I've never heard from are lurking about, copying/pasting my shizz to communities where they take the piss out of AWFUL fanfic, ya know?

So yeah. Absolutely NOTHING PERSONAL, it's just something that'll make me feel more comfortable about who is reading my stuff.

If you feel you have a legitimate excuse for NOT feedbacking, you're welcome to contact me at orlis_rr_girl@livejournal.com and see if I buy it.

Also, if you're just watching this place for the PG-13 and under stuff, you're not affected in any way, even if you don't feedback, so no worries there.

Grassy-ass for your viewings and patronage. I appreciate it so so much.

Mar. 14th, 2006

Title: Naptime

Author: Me! Schmooie!

Rating: G

Characters/Pairings: Zacky Vengeance/OFC

Summary: Who doesn't want to take a nap with him?

Distribution: Only here and at my fic journal weight_of_wings

Disclaimer: I do not own Zacky. If I did, I'd be handing him out to others, lol. I only borrowed Gabby. Also, VERY FLUFFY! lol

Feedback: I LOVE it! So please, let me know!

Authors' Notes: I wrote this on request for surfingangel the other night. She wrote me a short fluffy piece one night when I asked, so I had to return the favor. Mind you, she had to describe Zacky and such, since I really have no idea who he is haha. I only hope I got him right! Though, if he is this way, he holds a nice place in my heart ;)

Maintainer's Notes: I loved this fluff piece SO MUCH,
it just HAD to be the featured story for March here at
the Stash. I think schmooie730 got Zacky
SPOT ON in her characterization, and that's pretty
good for someone who isn't even a fan! And I
appreciate TRUE characterizations these days, so I
wanted to acknowledge her awesome work, and thank her
for allowing the story to be featured here. Plus, we
don't get enough fluff lately, so I thought this would
be a good sigh inducer for everyone.

If you enjoy, PLEASE leave a comment and let her
And thanks for doing so!

Naptime with ZackyCollapse )

Catch of the Day

Title: Catch of the Day

Author: Renée, wasted_faith

Rating: NC-17

Characters/Pairings: Matt Sanders (Avenged Sevenfold's M Shadows)/OFC

Summary: He loves fishing. She hates it. What can they find to do together in the great outdoors? Hmm...

Distribution: My journal, Sonia's community, and that's it.

Disclaimer: God, how I wished I owned this man (or could at least borrow him for a while). But I don't and this never happened.

Feedback: Let me know what you think, please.

Authors' Notes: Dedicated to simplysonia, because if it weren't for her I never would have attempted it.

Maintainer's Notes: I hope to be able to feature one of my favorite stories by another author every month, and here we go with the first one.

wasted_faith made my WHOLE YEAR when she wrote this fic! One of the deservedly praised Twincest authors of the Good Charlotte fandom, she really isn't a big fan of Het fics. But as she's said before, sex with Shadows no matter WHO the partner is HAS to be hot! And as you'll see, when she's behind it, she's NOT kidding! I want to thank her sincerely for posting this story for us. PLEASE FEEDBACK FOR HER so she knows she's not as bad as she thinks she is at Het.

Hook, line, and sinkerCollapse )